Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Melville Intermediate - Girls Rugby Vs. Maeroa

On Tuesday 8th May 2012 the Melville Intermediate School Girls Open Grade Rugby team played against Maeroa Intermediate in the Semi-Final of the 2012 Waikato Girls Inter Intermediate Competition.  This is highlights of that game filmed at Memorial Park, Cambridge by Veronica and Kayla from Room Five.  The game was incredibly close because a place in the 2012 final was at stake for the winner and the half time score was only 5-0 to Melville.  Melville are in the Green with red collars.  Maeroa are in the Blue/Red.

Semi Final 2012 Girls Rugby from myles webb on Vimeo.


  1. Well done Melville Intermediate girls on your magnificent win!

    Mr Webb, here is the translation that I got some year 8 students to translate. There blogs are attached to reply to them. We hope it helps.

    English: A celebration is when people get together for a special occasion. White Sunday is children's day in some pacific islands. This is celebrated in church and people wear white clothes. At the end, there is a big feast.

    Tongan: Koe katoanga koe me'a oku ha'u ai ae kakai o fakataha ki ha me'a oku mahu'inga. Koe fakame koe aho ia ae tamaiki i'iki ihe u ailani pasifika. Koe Fakame oku fai ia ihe fale lotu. Oku tui ai ae vala hinehina. Ene osi pe oku toe fai ae kai pola.

  2. Room Nine, Point England School
    Thanks so much for your comments and your help with our Tongan student (Asinate)who was really, really happy to get your comments and is going to leave comments on your students pages! She knew straight away about the celebration that you were talking about which was a great help to her!