Thursday, May 31, 2012

Melville Intermediate: Melville Survivor 2012

Starting soon is our 2012 Episodic Online TV show being created by the students in Room Five, we are filming pre-production at the moment, organising the filming, the props etc and should be releasing the first episode if everything runs according to plan next week, this is Sam's promo shot for the new series.

To put you in the mood for the show, this is one of the 2011 Episodes, entitled "water carry".  This was episode where the students had to balance a cup of water on the outside of their hand and race around a course quicker than the other students.  At this point 'Mia' was the only Y8 student left from her team, all the others had been eliminated, and she was desperate to gain immunity to stop herself from going home... Hosted by Kelly, filmed by Kris, Mitchell and Shania...

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