Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Melville Intermediate - Bone Carving Explanation

Those of you who have been following our page will know that we have been preparing a very special present for the students from Vonslid School in Denmark.  They sent us a wonderful gift of T-Shirts that were related to Handball,  the national sport of Denmark.  In return we thought long and hard about what we could send them.  As Maori culture is very important to our school, Melville Intermediate employs Matua Peter, and one of his specialities is Bone Carving.  We've been working for a week and a half preparing the gift, working through the stages and this video explains the designs we've created and the process that's been gone through.  This is video one of two, filmed by Levi from Room Five on Tuesday 15th May 2012.


  1. Hi room 5,
    That sounds fun making a bone carving but hard. ive always woundered how to make a bone carving know i know how to do it. What do the t-shirts look like?.

  2. Hi room 5,i recon you have a really cool sighn at the front of your school.I hope the school in denmark like the present

    from michael