Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Melville Intermediate - Sam's Holiday Recount

When students of Melville Intermediate School returned from their Term Two break, they were asked to write a recount of the past two weeks, this was one of the stand out efforts, a recount written by Sam.

On Friday 20th of April on the last week of the school holidays I got to go to Mega Zone Laser Tag as part of my holiday program and this is what happened.  When I got to my holiday program we got organised and when we were organised and in the vans we went to Sky City in the Middle of Town.  When we got there and found a car parking space we went up to the bowling floor and then the first group  to play laser tag was my group. We went into Mega Zone and we got instructions then we geared up  went into the maze.  We had fifteen seconds to get into the maze and hide.  There were two teams, red and blue.  I was in the red team and each one of the guns had a name on it, mine was eclipse.  The aim of the game was to shoot the other teams base and player.  The siren sounded and the game started.  I ran through the maze and because I had played this game before I knew the maze like the back of my hand, or so I thought.  I was racing through the maze and took a turn and found out I had gone the wrong way.  Then I scouted out the new paths after finding out that they had changed them and then I found the enemy base! But someone from my team found it first so I finished the base off and went to my teams base but while I was finding my way back I found the other team getting ready for an ambush on our base so I stopped them and turned them all off but got turned off myself.  But then I ran to my base where I got reinforcements and we forced blue team back and didn't let them get to our base and then the game over sounded and we exited the maze and hung up our vests and guns.  Then we went into the entrance room to get our scores.  I ranked second in the best player rankings and got 7721 points.  After we got our scores we went and did some bowling and that was the day.  This is the end of this recount and goodbye, and have a nice day.

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