Friday, November 25, 2011

Melville Intermediate - Melville: Survivor Episode Five

We've reached the half way mark with our episodic TV series shot, filmed and produced by the students of Room Eight. In episode four the Y7 team lost its first elimination challenge sending them to the vote, when they voted off Lee from Room Two. In todays challenge there were two regular players away for the Y7s Rangi who was replaced by Mitchell in R6 and Brandon who was replaced by Simon. The Y7's team work hadn't been the greatest in the last challenge, and the Y8's were feeling confident after stopping three losses in a row. Given that the merge of the two teams is just around the corner winning today was more important that ever....

In today's challenge the teams had to race across the field, collecting letters that were written in three separate locations on the base of chairs.  They then had to race back to the solving area and attempt to solve the word puzzle, using all the letter more quickly than the other team... with only five episodes left until the grand final this episode was crucial for one team....

Filmed on Friday 25th November 2011 at Melville Intermediate, todays production team was Mitchell, Kelly, Kris and Shania from Room Eight.


  1. haha great idea guys lol

  2. Dear Room 8

    We all enjoyed watching your survivor video and we even tried to figure the words too.

    We think that Mitchell is going to be voted out.

    We look forward to watching the next episode.

    From Miss Lologa and the 2nd Grade Superstars!