Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Melville Intermediate - 4x100m Y7 Girls Relay Team

One of the highlights from the Inter Intermediate Athletics this week was the performance of the Girls 4x100m Relay team. The Girls team of Amethyst, Praise and Maia (who also feature in our Girls Basketball team) as well as Aylsa (currently still in Melville Survivor) managed to finish second in the eleven school competition by the narrowest of margins, how close was it? Watch the videos of finals and see!

Filmed by Annika from Room 18 on Tuesday 29th November 2011.

On Tuesday 22nd of November a whole heap of children went to Athletics for Interschool. There were lots of schools there. There were four girls that ran in it relays it was Reanna, Alysssa, Praise and Maia who had been selected for Melville Intermediate Year 7 Girls. As we had our first race we had a really good start. At the beginning it was 10am. Maia was our first runner, she had done a really good start. Then Reanna was our second runner. She was a really good runner but we were just hanging on. Alyssa she started running. She was coming first until you seen a girl that suddenly run past Alyssa but she came second out of Waikato for relays. Thanks for reading this story. Written by Praise and Maia. We had a really good time at Athletics.

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