Thursday, November 10, 2011

Melville Intermediate - CPA Trip 2011

On Monday 7th November was the day when the CPA went to Auckland, we all travelled in the Melville High School vans.  We had a lot of parent helpers with us.  Everyone contributed something like baking, cereal and more.  We were looking for Waiuku Primary School but we got lost so Michelle (Shyniah's Mum) asked for directions.  We finally found Waiuku Primary School for our first performance.

I grabbed my costume and went to the hall.  There were so many kids but I wasn't nervous.  We had only two to three minutes to get into our costumes, there was a Maori, Samoan, and Hawaiian costumes.   It was time for the performance, we had to smile for the entire show.   Our show was amazing I felt so proud and excited.

I went back to the van for the Powhiri at the marae where we were staying, and where we were going to meet Matua Peter.  When we got there a lady was welcoming us to her marae and we sung songs then got our beds ready.  After we were settled in we went to the pools with a hydro-slide, wave pools and spa.  It was awesome, my favourite was the hydro slide.  Two hours later we went back to the marae to relax.  Dinner time, the food was delicious, there was nachos, and chop suey and ice cream with brownies for dessert... mmm.... We had a practice and got ready for bed..... zzz....

We got up at six am and got ready for our next performance, but first we had breakfast.  The stage was huge, I did my best and we were great.  After the performance we went to museum, then we went back to Hamilton and got Ice Cream!   Report by Hayze from Room Eight, this footage is of the Auckland Performance on the second day of the 2011 CPA Trip, filmed by Mackenzie from Room Eight.


  1. Hayze you've done a great job with your recount touching on the whole two days all at once, and the trip really sounds like fun, I think Mackenzie did a great filming job and look forward to hearing and seeing about the rest of your performances.
    Mr Webb

  2. What a great cultural performance!! We very impressed that you were synchronised in your movements. We would love you to come and perform at our school. Anna would like some tips on how to get the poi looking so amazing. Esitia would like to know the name of the song you performed at Waiuku School.
    From Room 14
    Hamilton East School

  3. Tino Pai CPA! Thanks for sharing your recount about your trip. I loved watching your performance as it brings back memories when I use to perform when I was your age! My class hasn't seen this yet so I'm going to show them tomorrow first thing in the morning. Thank you for reminding me to read and watch the video. It was great skyping with you both today. Do you have any more performance videos?
    Arohanui Ula