Sunday, November 6, 2011

Melville Intermediate - Japan compared to New Zealand


  1. I enjoyed your powerpoint exploring differences between New Zealand and Japan. It confirms what I already knew and told me new information. I remember watching Shortland Street here in England but it doesn't play here anymore. Interesting to hear it is the most popular programme in New Zealand.

    A great job guys. Which sources did you use to research these countries?

  2. We had students from Japan in our classroom and its one of the activities that we did with them, with one Japanese student and New Zealand student combining together on one piece of work, this was by TK (Japan) and Cullen (Room 8).

  3. Hi Room 8,

    I'm in Mrs. Braidwood's class and I'm in Grade 7. Yes, I am a fan of both cultures' foods. I didn't know pavlova came from New Zealand. That's very interesting.