Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Melville Intermediate - CPA at Waiuku School Part Two

After months of after school practices, determination, and hard works the C.P.A group of M.I.S 2011 preformed in public for the first time.

With a group of over 15 girls and 3 boys our numbers were low but that didn’t discourage us. We were determined to try our best and to put in all our hard work so that it all pays off.

We made a quick stop at Waiuku Primary School. It seemed like forever to get there. When we did we put our makeup on then raced in. A lady from Waiuku Primary showed us where to get changed and to perform. We got dressed into our Maori costume then very quietly walked to the other side of the stage. We were all nervous and hoping we wouldn’t muck up. The time came. We walked on stage with our biggest smiles. It looked like the whole school was there and hundreds of eyes waiting to see us with excitement. “Huratea” I yelled. We took them through a Maori experience, showing how our ancestors expressed their feelings using song and dance.

First up was a slow and rhythmic song called: E Te Atua. Then an inviting and cheerful song called Papaki Nui. We then went into the poi and then finished off with E Noho Tuheitia. We heard the crowd cheer. My self confidence went up a little. We walked off stage and got changed into our Samoan costume. When we were ready the music began to play. We just had fun and tried our best. Hawaiian was next, and we quickly got dressed. Our first Hawaiian performance was the Kahiko. Then some girls did the dance: Pearly Shells. Then the rest of the girls did the dance to a Lilo and Stitch song. The very last performance for the day was the Hawaiian instruments. We were broken up into three categories. Some students used the Uli Uli’s when others used the Ipu then last group of students used an instrument formed like a stick to bang them together to make a noise. We went on one group at a time. We then ended with a big hey! We were finally done, and I think that we done really well. We tidied up our costumes, put them into our cars and then made our way to the Marae.

We were welcomed with a small Powhiri then we had a snack. After that we went to the Wave pools. We were so excited. We had just over an hour to swim. After our swim we had a little bit of down time to relax. Then we had dinner which was Nachos and Chop Suey. For desert we had ice cream, fruit salad and brownies. Then it was lights-out by 9:00pm.


  1. Hello,

    I'm Alex from the Comox Valley and I think
    that dance was amazing! I couldn't imagine going through all that yelling, while trying to focus on getting ready. Was it awkward or embarsing to perform in front of the school?

  2. Hi I`m Emma and I am from the Comox Valley. I do dance also but it's a different kind of dance. I do jazz, ballet, tap, hip-hop, another ballet, a hip-hop trio, lyrical, and Irish. I wonder what your favourite sports are and what you like doing. My favourite sport is dance and I like doing art and dancing. I hope you guys have fun dancing!

  3. Hi I am Dharma and I am from the Comox Valley and I also do dance but it's different. I do tons of dance and the types are hiphop, ballet, Irish, lyrical, jazz and a hiphop solo, tap, fusion and a few other ones too.

    I really liked your dance. Was it cool when everyone was watching you? What did it feel like when you were done dancing? Do you do any other sports in school other then dance?

  4. Hello Mr. Webb's class

    I'm Liam, a student from Ms. Braidwood's class. (Grade 7)I think your dance is neat and is flawless. How long did it take you to perfect this dance?

    It's cool that you have an award on your blog: 2010 Edublog Awards Best Use Of Video. It looks professional.

    I hope you keep posting videos and happy blogging!

  5. Hello Mr. Webb's Class,

    My name is Savanna. I live in the Comox Valley
    and I'm in Mrs. Braidwood's class.
    How long did it take you guys to learn that dance? I can't dance that well. I was in hip hop for a year but I didn't like it. Very good job!

  6. Hi Mr. Webb,

    That dance was really interesting. I have never seen anything like that. I love the costumes. How long did that take you to learn that dance?