Sunday, November 27, 2011

Melville Intermediate - Edublogs Awards Nominations 2011

Very difficult this year to come up with awards for some great categories however we'd like to nominate the following sites for awards in the 2011 Edublogs Awards.  

For best new blog we'd like to nominate Room 14 at Hamilton East Primary School  in Hamilton.   They've been only going such a short time but they've done such a great job, particularly to see their work on collaborating with countries around the world with their lunch boxes.  A great start and can't wait to see how the teacher and the class works develops in the future.

For best student blog we'd like to nominate Miriams Magical Moments.  Miriam was a student who was in Mrs Yollis classroom last year, and she's one of the best teachers online that there is, and Miriams blog is everything that you'd want from a student.  

For best class blog, there can be only one.  Mrs Yollis class blog from California is the ultimate in class pages, the quality of the work is sensational and breath taking and the work is an inspiration for everyone whose online to aspire too.    She was runner up last year for this, and she deserved that accolade also deserves to be up there again.  Awe inspiring.

Best Twitter Hashtag is one that I use all the time, #Comments4kids this was developed by Will Chamberlain, Mr C from Mr C's class page,  for encouraging commenting on students work around the world, if you have not used this when you have free time to leave some comments, or looking to get comments for your students from around the world, its a fantastic use of a social networking to improve schoolwork.

Best Group Blog - Dr Stranges EDM310 page from the University of South Alabama.  We might be on the other side of the world but we've been following the progress of the students and they've been viewing our students work, encouraging our students and leaving invaluable feedback for us.  This site is responsible for bringing into teaching a group of teachers who will be online, relevant and up to date.  Phenomenal. 


  1. Thanks Room 8 for nominating Comments4Kids. As you remember, there was a time when it was very difficult to get recognition for student work. I am pleased that something as simple as a hash tag can make such a big difference.

  2. Thank you Room 8 for nominating us for the best new blog. You are so kind to think we are doing a good job. We love blogging and enjoy learning with others. We think blogging is a great way to connect with other countries too.
    We are feeling really proud of ourselves.
    From Room 14
    P.S. You should take a look at our nominations.

  3. Hi!
    A big thank you for nominating us. Congratulations for your best use of video Edublog Award nomination.
    Great work that you got to the voting round.
    We really like your blog.
    From Jiuta & Makki
    Room 14
    Hamilton East School