Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Melville Intermediate - Student Blogging Challenge!

Its the School Holidays in New Zealand, we're currently nearing the end of our first week of a two week break. Our students will be back at school Monday 11th October. In the meantime, the Edublog Student Blogger Challenge is continuing. Now with our students on holidays you would think that we wouldn't be able to participate, but as it happens one of our classroom activities has been made as a suggestion and has been taken as a challenge for all the contribution classrooms!

You can click on the link to the week two challenge here. Our part that we contributed to is the video 'challenge'.

'3. Create a quick brief tour of your classroom or school (walking around showing the grounds/playgrounds/classroom) and then embed it or upload it to the classroom blog. You might use vimeo , a slideshow, photopeach, YouTube, Smile Box etc. Next week visit other classes who did the same activity and compare your schools or classrooms. Thanks Mr Webb for this suggestion.'

Firstly, have a look at 'Part Two of the Music Room from 2010' this was created by Shania, Kelly and Nathalie from Room 8 and is a tour showing people around the world what goes on in our School Music Room, it also features the school music teacher Mr Bell.

Music Room Tour 2010 from myles webb on Vimeo.

Classrooms around the world participating in the blog have to create a video of their school as an introduction. Students of Room Eight will remember this task from the start of the year back in February. It seems so long ago but then we had students create the following work.

This video was Samm tour of the confidence course and created back in March, Samm was too shy at this point to do the presentation so she handed the responsibilities over to Nathalie from Room Eight, as this was an introductory lesson the focus was on the school confidence course.

Samm Tour of Confidence Course from myles webb on Vimeo.

Also Room Eight Students don't forget that we have two classroom pages that we are regularly commenting on as part of the Edublog Challenge, the ones that are above and below us on the classroom link (you can click on that here). The first is Mr Ferreirae Class in the USA and the second is Mrs Theriault in Quebec, Canada.

Finally this last Tour of Melville Intermediate School video is a bit special this was created in 2009 by three students, Destyn, Kaiya and Cleveland, this was the very first video that they ever created and we used it (and still use it now!) as a test video to discuss before we publish work! Kaiya is now a member of Room Seven, Cleveland is now part of Room One but they are still fondly remembered.

Melville Intermediate - Tour of School from myles webb on Vimeo.


  1. Dear Room 8,

    What a great post. We are also participating in the Edublog challenge and we are just loving all the challenges. What a great class blog you have. We love the picture of your class. Very good indeed.

    Keep up the good work. We look forward to seeing your next post.

    Ms Woodward

  2. @ Ms Woodward, thanks so much for your comment. We've really enjoyed the Edublog Challenge and its a great, great way to network with other students and people around the world, can't wait for you to start with your class blog and we look forward to following its progress.