Friday, September 24, 2010

Melville Intermediate - Goodbye Room Eight

Today we said Goodbye to Room Eight for two reasons. Firstly its the school holidays in New Zealand, we have two weeks off school. Secondly we're having the rear wall of Room Eight demolished during the holidays and some of next term, we've had to move as a result into Room Nine. We're really excited about the move because it means that our new Room Eight will be rewired and able to work more consistently with our computers. So onwards and upwards for the future.


  1. Hi Room 8
    We know what it is like to move classrooms. Our school has done a lot of building recently. But we are now in one of the new classrooms and it was definitely worth the wait! Have a good holiday!

  2. Room A4 - We're really excited about the move as it going to mean that we have access to a whole lot more computers and a better internet connection and that should improve our online work quite a bit!