Friday, July 30, 2010

Melville Intermediate - Wai Maths Goes Global!

We're in the final stages of our Wai Maths Competition for our video entry, those of you who have been following along will know that we're been receiving solutions to the problem from all over New Zealand, and recently the world. The Northern Hemisphere are currently on their end of class breaks, so Bradley and Room 8 weren't sure what sort of response that

we'd get, but there's a couple of teachers we've networked with this year who've really gone out of their way. Mr C from Missouri in the USA has used his daughter to solve the original problem You can view the video by clicking on it above or click on the link to the original post here. We're currently also tracking how far the question travels in Kilometres' (it was nearly 6,000 prior to this!) as part of the problem solving process! We've got two final days to answer the question before we put it together for the competition on Monday. We also received this from Mrs Yollis, who despite it being the holidays posted on her page and sent us the video! You can watch it by clicking below or you can view the original post on her class page by clicking here. Thank you so much for contributing to our video and problem solving process!

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