Sunday, July 4, 2010

Melville Intermediate - Poi Making Lessons

We've had a series of online lessons this term that have proved to be very popular based around the making of Maori Poi. Next term we have a series of tutorial lessons planned on how to use these items, in the meantime you can view the Poi Making Video Tutorial featuring Holly, Annalize and Fauiki. We split their video into two, the first dealing with the making of the handle, which you can view by clicking here. The second video focussed on the creation of the 'ball' of the Poi and connecting it to the handle, you can view that by clicking here.

Or you can also view our other group's work that of Annalize, Fauiki, and Anahere which is one single video by clicking here. Stay tuned for more in series when the holidays finish in another week.

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