Friday, July 16, 2010

Melville Intermediate - New Zealand Icons

Our big study for term two was New Zealand and Waikato Icon's. Students had to research an Icon and present a piece of work related to it in a form that could be displayed on our class page.

Highlights of this from term two included Cullen's group making Pavlova you can view a video here or view a photostory. Kieran's icon of choice was the Hamilton Balloon Festival, and his activity was to make a Hot Air Balloon and bring it into class to launch it, you can view footage of the Balloon launch (which was successful!) here. We also viewed footage from 2007 of Hot Air Balloon launches that were less than successful! Holly produced a project creating Hokey Pokey for Hokey Pokey Icecream, you can view her slideshow by clicking here or her powerpoint on the making of Hokey Pokey by clicking here.

You can also see slideshows created about the Balloon festival by Codie and Shania by clicking here. Kelly produced a project on the Stage Challenge, you can view that by clicking here. We also had numerous classroom projects completed about the Hamilton Gardens, one of Hamilton's most foremost tourist attractions. You can view Nathalie's work about the Gardens by clicking here. Jordan produced a project about Kiwifruit, the powerpoint can be seen by clicking here.

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