Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Melville Intermediate - Teaching Poi Making in the South Island

If you haven't checked out Allanhk's Appleby Class Blog recently, you really need to do so, not just because its such a wonderful resource and place for great work and ideas, but there's a very special post about Poi Making. The videos for this were created by students in Room 8, and the students in Appleby School made the Poi, you can see them using them! Its been another great collaboration between our classes and we're very proud to be featured on their wonderful blog. You can click on the link to their work here or on the picture.


  1. Thank you for your generous comments. It was great to have your model of how you put your poi together so we had something to work from.

    Thank you for sharing your expertise.

    Allanah K

    Moturoa Class

    Appleby School


  2. @ Allanh K, thanks so much for your contribution for this project we've really enjoyed sharing our activities with others and it was very empowering for students to know that what they were doing was helping students at the other end of the country!