Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Melville Intermediate - Wai Math's Help us PLEASE!

We've students in Room 8 that have decided to enter the Wai-Maths video competition. Our idea has to be related towards Mathematics. Bradley's group of students ideas was to use the visitors to our class page to answer a question, record their students answer and compile them altogether.

What we would ask for from our visitors is to read the question and then record your students answer to the question! We're particularly keen to have an explanation of how your students (or yourself) solved the answer, and the strategy that they or you used!

If you could then send us the footage we'll compile it and therefore have a Mathematical question that has been answered by students all around the world!

Bradley has made a short video introducing himself and explaining the question which as follows:

8 men and 2 boys need to cross a river. They have a canoe which
cannot carry more than 1 man or 2 boys at one time. How many river crossing does it take to get everyone across?

We'd like to thank Otewa School for being the first to help with this! See them solve this problem by clicking on this link, and check out their wonderful blog at the same time!
If you need to contact Mr Webb, our teacher you can do so at myles.webb@gmail.com


  1. I really like this idea, especially where you ask for videos showing how the students work through the problem. I am really interested in doing some of these with your class this year since I will be teaching two math classes. We will start school in a month and this looks like a great project to start with.

    I do have a question, how do you get the canoe back across the river? If it only holds one man who paddles it back to the other side after the man gets out?

  2. Hi Bradley, we found that Allannah King had posted this same question on voicethread. Our class looked at this this morning and here is our response made by Sharnay and Holly in Room 3 at Otewa school.


  3. @ Dellwynne.w
    thank you for answering my question, the voice thread was a great idea sorry i can't say weather your answer is correct our not seance how you are the only people who have answered my question so far.
    thanks again,
    Melville intermediate,

  4. Hi Room 8, this is Room 8 at Pirongia School. Firstly thanks for your feedback about our Blog. We will get some photos up as soon as Mrs N. our teacher learns how to do it! Today hopefully! We will get back to you with our ideas on your problem challenge.

  5. Hi there, We are from Bairds Mainfreight Primary School in Otara. We are 9-10 year olds. We tried to solve your problem by 'acting it out' using materials. Here is some video footage of what happened.


    Good luck with your project :-)

  6. Just found this project through a number of blog links :-) What a great idea. I will put this out to my networks to see if that can drum up some more people.

  7. Room 3 have an answer for you. We had loads of fun trying to solve it using different ways. They finally agreed on an answer. I have an unedited video created by the students of their efforts and photos. Where shall I sent it?

  8. Hi Melville Intermediate,

    My name is Anthony and I am a student of Elementary Education at the University of South Alabama in Mobile. I stumbled across your video through twitter, and I asked my 13 year old sister to work through the problem. It turned into a fun, family activity-- thanks for the opportunity. I hope this helps your class win the competition!

    Here's a link to her video,
    Christina's Problem Solving

    Thanks again!

  9. This is such a great idea, and very nice intro to the problem by the way.
    One request - could you compile the answers on another page and simply link to it from here?
    It's a bit difficult to follow all answers through the comments, and some links are not clickable, either.