Monday, June 28, 2010

Melville Intermediate - How to make Pavlova

For our unit of study this term we have been studying New Zealand Icons.  For the end of term the big task for our students was to create an icon project and as part of that project produce a piece of ICT related work.   Cullen was studying Pavlova and with assistance from Bradley, Kieran and Jaden brought the ingrediatents to school and with the help of Mrs Brown who loaned the Cooking room, was able to make Pavlova.  This video was produced by the students themselves to detail their work. A fantastic effort!


  1. What skillful separation of an egg! I have never made a pavlova from scratch and think you are incredibly clever. Can't help but see the maths and the science involved in this project...Next time you film, you might like to edit the background sound - this is sometime distracting.Yum - your meringue looks great as you spoon it out onto the oven try!I know you guys have been studying icons. Where is your background info re pavlova? I am ready to read more!!!
    BTW- I think you may have been a bit too early with the cream ;-)

  2. That pavlova looks amazing!!

    From Anonymous

  3. Cool beans :D You guys did great. It looks delicious too