Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Melville Intermediate - Glenview Primary School Show

This is the introduction to the Glenview Primary School Show from the 18th of June.  The video features Cleveland from Room 8 in 2009 during the introduction and then members of the Melville Intermediate School CPA group who were performing at the local primary school.  Mr Fawcett from Glenview is in the background!


  1. WOW!!! Awesome job on the kapa haka performance. Your wonderful singing sounded great because everyone took part. We just started kapa haka a few weeks ago and we are working towards the local kapa haka festival. We hope we get as good as you.

    We really enjoyed listening to you. It was great and it made us want to join in. Thank you for sharing your item with us. We hope you get a lot more comments about your awesome performance.

    Best wishes. Room 5JP, St Patrick's

  2. Your kapa haka performance was really impressive. I hope our school does as well as that in the Greymouth Kapa Haka Festival. Your volume was very loud and your words were really clear. Thank you for sharing your beautiful performance with us. From Room 5CO

  3. Hello, Thanks for the response. We will talk about the Kapa Haka idea with the teacher who takes it. I think it is a fantastic idea. The festival isn't until September but hopefully we will record it.

    Thanks for pointing out the restrictions on our blog site. I'm just going to try and change the settings. We are very grateful for any ideas. This is the first time I have used Blogger. I'm used to Class Blogmeister.

  4. Wow that is amazing it looks really good! :) :D :P ;)

  5. @ Year 7 and Year 8 Blog and Miss Paterson
    Keep us updated about what you want to do with this we'd love to collaborate with you on this! Just let us know and leave us a comment!

  6. I think your performance at Glenview Primary School was FAB!!!!!!!!You looked like real profies.

    From your fan IP