Sunday, June 13, 2010

Melville Intermediate - New Zealand at the Soccer World Cup

The greatest sporting even in the world is taking place in South Africa at the moment and New Zealand, for the second time in our history, is at the Soccer World Cup.  The All Whites (our national teams nicknames, owing to the 'All Blacks' being our Rugby Team and the colour of the uniforms!) play their first pool games this week.  Given that we have two goals to our names at the world cup due to goals against Scotland from 1982 we are optimistically hoping we will do well.  The BBC has a fantastic world cup website set up where you can view all the information about the games, players and the teams, you can link to the New Zealand section by clicking here.


  1. Dear Mr. Webb and Room 8,

    I am really excited for the World Cup. We got a lucky result yesterday against England, so anything is possible. Who knows, the "All Whites" could roll right through Slovakia and Paraguay. Italy, well...

    Regardless, I'll be cheering for New Zealand on Tuesday morning (Monday night for you I guess).

    Mr. Salsich

  2. Thanks for writing to us about our interest in soccer (or futbol in many other parts of the world). I think our class is rooting for many different teams, the US being one of them. We will root for New Zealand now, too!

    And thanks for the BBC website. What a great resource for keeping up on the games!

  3. Hello Melville! We're also loving the World Cup in Nabby4! We're taking part in a big blogging project all about the world cup and the team that we got to support is Serbia! We're having a lot of fun linking our lessons to it. Your blog is amazing, if you get time come and have a look at what we're doing!