Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Melville Intermediate - Inter-Intermediate Art Day at Berkley Normal School

On the 8th June 2010 I went to Berkley Intermediate with four other Melville Intermediate students to participate in the Inter-Intermediate Art Day. We left about 8:30am in Mrs Van Der Lingens car.
I was very happy to be recognised as a talented artist.  When we arrived at our destination we were all really excited about working with clay. When we got to the art room we got straight into the art. My groups first activity was making little clothes out of clay to hand up on a make believe washing line. Our next task was to draw a face of a Taniwha into a slab of thick brown clay with sharpened ice block sticks as carving tools. I drew a bird. For our next activity we went outside and met Mr Powley. We had to choose a pot from a box (some of us were allowed to make one on the spinning wheel) and put different coloured glaze all over the pot. Next we put it in a fire. In our last activity we had to construct a 3D house and put some scenery around it like cars, trees or animals. The arts day was a great experience, and I would love to do it again. Recount by Bradley, Room 8.


  1. Kia Ora Melville Intermediate,
    We all thought your art looks amazing. You are very lucky to go to another school to do art. We were all wondering what Inter-Intermediate means and will you be going to another school to do some more art too?

    From Room 10

  2. Hello, What an impressive blog site you have! Your art looks great. Thank you for sharing. Thanks also for commenting on our blog site. We are keen to get as many visitors as possible and appreciate you helping us out with that so we think it is is great that you have put us on your classroom links. We are just developing our site so we will make a classroom links area as well and add you guys to that. You have had visitors from some really interesting places!

  3. It was lovely to have such a talented group of young artist here to work on communal projects. These projects will eventually be gifted to Waikato Hospital. It was great fun working with a guest potter raku-ing and glazing our pots. I also enjoyed working with teachers and students from other schools. See you again next year.
    Miss Miller

  4. hi Mrs Miller
    thank you for commenting on our blog and I will try to fix up those mistakes you mentioned.
    We had a great day also, thank you very much for all the art and clay.
    I'm looking foward to getting those photos.
    thank's again,
    Melville Intermidiate,Hamilton

  5. Wow! What a fabulous day to be involved in Bradley. I love visual art and would have loved to have a day out for art when I was in school. Thank you for sharing your artwork!
    Miss Signal