Thursday, June 10, 2010

Melville Intermediate - Learning Te Rakau in California, USA!

Mrs Yollis Classroom from California, USA is one of the classroom that we've been learning from and interacting with.  We received a comment today from Mrs Yollis talking about a video her students had created from learning how to use Maori Rakau sticks from a video that we made! You have to see this, its such a wonderful, wonderful video! Firstly, lets recap on the original tutorial video that was created by Anahere, Benita and Nathalie from Room Eight.

Raukau Stick Game Two from myles webb on Vimeo.

Well we've had lots of people view this video, its been downloaded a few times and we've also put it up in a few other places. This is the video from Mrs Yollis students in California that we've just seen today:


  1. Hi Room 8

    Well done on your instructional video 'Te Rakau' I really enjoyed watching your American buddies giving it ago. Keep on sharing our Maori culture and I look forward to seeing more on your wonderful blog.

    Mrs Armstrong-Lush

  2. You gave a really good demonstration of rakau. Having it on video means that you can play it over and over again until you get it right.

    We are going to learn how to do a poi dance soon.

    Have you got any tips for us?

    Allanah K

    Moturoa Class

    Appleby School


  3. Hi Room 8
    I will show my class of New Entrants your video. Then we will have a go. It would be nice if you could visit us sometime to teach us some waiata, poi and rakau, we now have a beautiful new hall which we are looking forward to using.

  4. How cool!! What a great idea! Has technology opened the doors or what?! It's really powerful what you have going here. The ability to teach other children on the other side of the world - simply marvelous! Can't wait to see your next step of teaching them a waiata to accompany te rakau?
    Kia Ora Room 8!
    Mrs Tele'a

  5. Wonderful mentoring and sharing of the Maori culture. Is Mrs Yollis' group going to share something with Room 8?

    BTW - your Dunedin buddies are always looking for mentors for learning about the haka, NZ anthem and feedback about our (first ever) tam waiata.

  6. Dear Anahere, Benita and Nathalie,

    Thanks so much for a fabulous tutorial! My students and I have enjoyed learning the Maori Raukau Stick game with your help!


    Your friend,
    Mrs. Yollis

  7. Dear Mr. Webb and class,

    We think that the Maori Stick Game is awesome. It is awesome because it has a cool rhythm. At first, we thought it looked easy, but once we tried it, it was really hard.

    Gal and Nick
    (Mrs. Yollis' students)

  8. Hi Room 8 and Mr Webb,

    I am absolutely impressed with how your teaching has targeted Overseas audiences. This really shows purposeful learning. Keep up the great work.

    From Miss Paton

  9. Watching your videos is one of the most exciting things about your blog. I think that the best learners are teachers too. Well done for inspiring other classes.