Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Melville Intermediate - Girls Rugby Vs. Morrinsville Intermediate

On Tuesday we had the Inter-Intermediate Girls Rugby Tournament for the Waikato region.   Melville Intermediate had an Open Grade Team.  We had six games during the course of the day against Morrinsville Intermediate, Fairfield Intermedate, Maeroa Intermediate, Tokoroa Intermediate, Peachgrove Intermediate and Te Awamutu.  The students from Melville did wonderfully well, the weather held and the team played better and better with each game.   There's footage of each game that we will be posting over the next week and a bit starting with the game against Morrinsville Intermediate.  Congratulations to Morrinsville and Tokoroa who contested the final! Filmed by Benita at the tournament.


  1. The girls went hard at the rugby go melville!!!

  2. cool blog and cool rugby clip those girls can take a hit harder than most of the boys lol P:0

  3. @ Dion and Jack - the test for the Boys will be their efforts next term, hopefully they can do as well as the Girls did!