Sunday, May 2, 2010


  1. I wonder what they are weaving and what plant they are using? In our country some people make buskets of willow in similar way.

    Lyudmila and class

  2. You guys look like expert weavers of harakeke. It is great that you have been able to call in an expert to help in this area. We would like to take on the same project this year... Can you help us by giving us some words of advice re protocol?

  3. This made me think about the different things you can make with flax. I reckon this is really cool. I looks fairly hard to weave with flax.


  4. Hello there everyone! I loved to look at those pictures! I have weaved paper before to make cards... :) It was lots of fun. That was in grade 3. I really like to look at your blogs because you have really cool and interesting videos! I like your class picture, too! I really enjoyed talking to the poeple in your class and keep up the great work with your blog posts!


    PS: I hope to talk to you guys again soon!