Monday, May 10, 2010

Melville Intermediate - We nominate ten great blogs!

I was very pleased and surprised yesterday to see that we had received an award nomination from Miss W. from the Blogging Challenge.   You can read the full post on her blog by clicking here, but we're one of ten blogs that she recommended that other people follow and watch out for, stating she liked our use of video. 

Ten Blogs that we would recommend that you would look at would be:
1. Moturoa's - Allanhk's wonderful Appleby School class blog.  A site that always inspires me with its ideas and is a place that you can always go for wonderful work, with a huge audience!
2. Room 10 @ Point England School - Miss Lavukula is a great supporter of our site and she has one of my very favourite class blogs with wonderful literacy work!  If you want to see the right way to do things, then take a look at some of her students wonderful, wonderful work.
3. Creative Readers, Writers and Thinkers - Miss Ale's blog in Argentina is one that we have started visiting in the past few months but we've really enjoyed the experience.   Great ideas and a dedicated teacher.
4. Super 7 Scoopers @ St Clair - a wonderful site that we can always look for ideas and inspiration.
5. Little Voices, Little Scholars - Mrs She's classroom of students will guarntee to get you enthused to blog!
6. Mr C's Classroom - my all favourite site.  Bar none.
7. Bailey Road Team 17 - Mr Wood's classroom have a great outlook and they are just going from strength to strength.  They've got a great Wiki too and Mr Wood always is innovative and creative.
8. Friend Blog Russia - If you are not a regular visitor to Lymulda's class blog then you are missing out, they have a great set of posts regularly from Siberia and are wonderful to communicate with.
9. Year 4 @ Brookburn in the UK.  They are consistently producing some fantastic students work that is always worth a look and inspiring.  We love watching their videos and performance work.
10. Mr Lamshed's Boys Classroom in Adelaide, Australia.   A great site!


  1. Dear Mr. Webb,

    Thank you so much for the nomination! You are far too kind! I think your blog is one of the most interesting and informative blog of all times! Plus your postings are awesome!

    Thanks again!

    Jenny She

  2. Hey there Melville Intermediate. Your blog is pretty cool also. You've made a pretty good list here. Some we know and some we don't. Looks like I'll have to put some time aside to go delving more deeply.

    Allanah K

  3. Thanks for the nomination. You know that I think your blog is incredible and it really means a lot to me that you include mine on your top ten list. Even better there are some blogs on here I haven't visited yet so I get to explore!

  4. The Scoopers are thrilled to find themselves nominated - many thanks! We have faced some technical and building challenges and posting has not always been easy! Having said that, we have learnt heaps about writing for an audience and responding to feedback and need to thank the many teachers and students who have helped us with that. We will definitely be blogging for the rest of the year and each of the Scoopers will be developing their own blogs in Term 3.

    Many Thanks Melville for your inspiration!

  5. Thank you so much for nominating us. Your class blog has inspired us to try new and exciting things. My class and myself feel we have developed a special connection with your class over the last year.