Saturday, May 8, 2010

Melville Intermediate - Erin Simpson Show Maggi Cook Off

This is 'behind the scenes' video from the Great Maggi Cook Off as part of the Erin Simpson Show. It was filmed by Mrs Brown during the down time from the show! We will be posting voting details about the show online shortly, as well we've got Ashley preparing a report about her involvement in the show!


  1. so cool can't wait to see it on TV when is it going to be on TV

  2. Hey guys
    Its great that your doing the Maggi cook off. A team from our school is also entering the competition.
    Good luck!
    Georgia, Libby, Courtney and Megan. Springston School.

  3. @ Georgia, Libby, Courtney and Megan. Thanks for your comment and good luck to the students from your school that are entering the competition! We hope that you do well!