Saturday, October 10, 2009

Melville Intermediate - Mould Experiment 3

These photographs were taken on the last day of term and are a continuation of our 'Great Mould Experiment Series'. Those of you following our blog since the start of the year will know that we 'bagged up' a series of sandwiches on February 25th and have left them in the classroom since then. Its been interesting to note by Keegan and Leigh that the Sandwiches with the Marmite have moulded the least where as the one that's been affected the most is the bread that was left without a filling. The experiment we're hoping to maintain until the end of the School Year in December (pong permitting) or if there are developments in the future!


  1. Hi guys
    We are from 5/6km in australia, we have just been watching your video about your mold experements. it looks yuky and black and greeny.
    hahaha have fun with it good job!

    jakeist, bottsy!

  2. hey guys,
    i am from 5/6 km come and visit our blog. that sounds really fun. its pretty gross how moldy it is. have fun with your mold!!


  3. Looks like an interesting experiment!

    Matua Gene