Thursday, October 8, 2009

Melville Intermediate - Interface NZ Magazine Awards

Have you voted for the 2009 Interface Magazine Best Blog Awards? If you have not, we would suggest that you follow the link to the following sites for the 2009 Awards for Best Blog. The voting is currently open (to New Zealand residents only I think) but if you haven't voted yet then this would be a wondeful opportunity to do so. We wouldn't possibly suggest that we influence your voting but great to see a wonderful blog by our friend Allanhk nominated! If you;d like to vote in the awards then follow the link by clicking here.

A reminder that this blog is currently on remote access as the teacher in charge of the blog is currently in Christchurch, New Zealand for Ulearn09!


  1. Maybe they should have allowed those of us outside of New Zealand to vote. BTW don't forget the picture!
    Mr. C

  2. Hey I voted for blog. Thanks for sharing such nice article here so everyone can know about this and will do vote for magazine. I like this site very much.