Saturday, October 24, 2009

Melville Intermediate - 'Green Day' Garden Fundraiser

On Friday at Melville Intermediate School we had our 'Green Day' Fund-raiser. As an Enviroschool we were raising money for the school gardens which will be replanted shortly in spring. Every student had the opportunity of coming to school in Mufti (non-uniform) if they made a gold coin donation ($1 or $2). There was also a competition for students dressed in Green. Each class had to nominate two students dressed in green to go forward to the finals judged by Mrs Bleakin and Mrs Wilson. Of course Room Eight was there with Vitolina filming Arahia as she watched the competition! Filmed at Melville Intermediate School on Friday 23rd October 2009.


  1. Go for green! What a fun way to fundraise! I loved the costumes and face paint. You really know how to get in behind a good cause! How much did you end up fundraising? Our school made some 'Go for green' films last year. If you want to check some out - go to our school site. Click on my name and it will take you to these films.

  2. Mrs Tele'a we are entering the Film Festival this year and as part of it we have been watching the video that your students did last year which we enjoyed as a class very much!
    Mr Webb, Room 8, Melville Intermediate School.
    Hamilton, Waikato.