Sunday, October 11, 2009

Melville Intermediate - Milk Craze - Thank You!

Yesterday I decided to put up a pre-emptive post about the Price of Milk, in preparation of our return to school on October the 12th. To say that I have been blown away by the response that has already been generated is a huge understatement!

We've had replies already from Scotland, the USA, Canada, Australia and internally from New Zealand in the few hours since the post has gone up, the students will be thrilled with this, and we'll be busily collating all the responses so far, and of course getting in touch to say 'Thank You' for your help. If you are someone whose left a comment, tweeted or re-tweeted the original request then thank you so much the students will absolutely love it! To all the schools, classrooms and individuals that we have been in contact with this year tomorrow we're back into action for the first week of the new term so we'll be in touch shortly!


  1. Hi again,

    There are actually a few more replies that were tweeted to me (I think people thought I was carrying out the survey. If you do a Twitter search for then you'll find a few more, including one in German!

    I'm looking forward to hearing what the kids make of the replies!

  2. Hi there its me Feki the one that got Presented a award From the Chiefs Winger Flash Masaga.
    Its cool to Hear That Your back at School.
    Keep up The Graet Writing.

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