Saturday, October 10, 2009

Melville Intermediate - Can you help us for Term Four?

On Monday 12th October 2009 Melville Intermediate School starts the final term of the 2009 School Year. Our topic is going to be milk. We'd like as many people as possible to help us with this. To start with if you could comment and tell us how much milk costs in your country or location, and then anything else about milk. If you class has done some interesting Milk Experiments or you know of some cool sites then please leave us a comment as always we'd love to hear from you!


  1. Hello Room 8. I buy milk that's produced locally. Here is the website for the producer

    The price depends on where we buy it. In the supermarket I pay about AUD$5.29 for 2 litres of the Jersey low fat, but if I buy it from the farmers' market I only pay AUD$4.50.

  2. 4L of Milk in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada is $3.99 for Skim Milk.

  3. Hello Room 8!

    I live in Perth, Scotland (The original one!) and we buy our locally produced milk in 4pint cartons (2.2 and a bit litres) that cost about GB£1.50 which is, I think, about NZ$3.25.

    We are reputed to have some of the best milk in the world... we've certainly got some of the best cattle (Aberdeen Angus) in the world! ;o)

    One final point, we do not get our milk from Highland Cattle! They just look cool:

    Good luck with your project

  4. A pint of milk in Glasgow, Scotland is about 45 pence. A pint is about half a litre (568ml to be precise) and 45 pence is around about one New Zealand dollar (as far as I can work out).

  5. Hello to New Zealand from Aldermaston Wharf. That's in the UK, near Reading, which is in Berkshire, just west of London.

    Buying my milk at the supermarket (Tesco or Sainsbury's) I pay GBP £ 1.53 for a 4 pint bottle (that's 2.272 litres) of semi-skimmed milk.

    Oh, and Tesco has a special offer: If I buy 2 bottles I only pay £3.

  6. As of 1 Feb 2009 in New Brunswick, Canada, the minimum retail price for one litre of milk was set at $1.50 and the minimum price for a two-litre jug was $3.05 and $3.02 for a carton, by the New Brunswick Farm Products Commission. Milk supply is regulated in Canada by dairy marketing boards in each province. Dairy farmers are one of the only groups of farmers who can make a living wage as family or small-sized operations because of the marketing boards and regulation.

    In our town of Sackville, the lowest price for milk is in the franchise drug store/pharmacy, to attract customers away from the grocery stores.

    Only whole milk is regulated in Canada. That means that all the milk we have to drink meets our health and quality standards. Milk products, such as those in cheese or yogourt, can come from anywhere in the world, where standards may be much lower.

  7. I am a science teacher at Tauranga Boys' College. I have an experiment that I do making plastic from milk.

    The protein CAESIN can easily be separated from milk using acid. You may have seen the when accidentally curled milk or it goes sour or when you add lemon juice.

    The CAESIN does not harden very well, it needs to be treated with a chemical called formalin when used in industry. Caesin is one of the first plastics made, it is still used to make buttons and some wood glues.

    I wonder if your teacher knows the practical where you get to make your own buttons. It is in one of the textbooks I have at school so I could scan it and email it to Mr Webb if he wants it.

  8. Milk in York PA USA (about 100 miles west of Philadelphia and 100 miles north of Washington DC) is about 3.34 USD a gallon for whole (4% fat).

  9. Hi there
    We live in Rolleston Christchurch and I personally don't drink cow's milk. I drink Soy Milk instead. Soy Milk comes from Soya Beans and ther are many different companies that make it Vitasoy, Sanitarium and Anchor to name a few. It tastes different from normal cow's milk, maybe the class could do a taste test and see how many of you like it!
    Mrs S

  10. Morning Rm 9 from Elgin in the Far North of Scotland. Our milk costs around £1.50 (NZ$3.24?) for a 4ltr carton

    Being in Moray we have some of the freshest milk in the UK as we are known as 'The Garden (or Larder) of Scotland'. Not only do we produce milk but also we are famous for salmon, shortbread and whisky up here.

  11. Hello!
    I pay £.92 for 1 litre of semi-skimmed organic milk, and non-organic is about £1.03 in Bristol UK, thats a major grocery store price, slightly higher at independant stores.
    Good luck with your project!

  12. Hi - Milk from Tesco's in Cardiff, Wales, UK is £1.53 for a 2.272 lt bottle, but they are also on offer at 2 for £3.00. Exchange rate from GBP to NZD on $2.15.

  13. Germany: 1 litre milk: ~0.50 €

  14. Hi Room 8
    Every good luck with your topic. I am a teacher of 8/9 year olds in Ireland and I am delighted to be able to help you out. Milk in my area costs around 1.20 euros, as this can vary from shop to shop. There are local dairies that produce and I've attached websites for you. I have also attached the National Dairy Council of Ireland website, which I hope will give you all the information you need about Milk in Ireland.
    Again the very best of luck and enjoy Term 4. We are still only on Term 1, having started in September.
    Miss Murray

  15. Hello Room 8
    Greetings from Dublin, Ireland.

    Here the price of milk can vary from €0.75 per litre for standard milk to €1.80 per litre for soya milk and €2.45 per litre for goats milk!

    Hope you all enjoy your project.

  16. Montgomery County, Maryland, is in the suburbs of Washington DC. At Safeway, one of the big grocery chains here, a gallon of milk is 2.99 in U.S. dollars (USD).

    According to converters I just checked, that's 3.79 liters (the way we spell that here) for 4.00 NZD, which works out to around 1.06 NZD per litre.

    ( 1 USD = 1.30 NZD )

    That's a sale price; I almost never buy milk and so have no idea what the regular price is. On the other hand, milk goes on sale a lot as a way to lure people into the store, hoping they buy other stuff as well.

    That sale price applies to whole milk (which has around 4% butterfat), 2% milk (guess how much?), 1%, and nonfat milk (known here as "skim milk").

    I see someone mentioned soy milk. Just yesterday I purchased two half-gallons of Silk, a brand of soy milk. That came to 7.98 USD per gallon on sale; the non-sale price would have been 8.38 USD.

    Doing the conversions again (so you won't have to), that's 2.11 NZD per litre on sale for soy milk, or 2.21 NZD per litre regular price.

  17. Milk in New Delhi, India costs Rs. 27 per lt for full cream & Rs 25 per lt for toned. Mother Diary is the name of milk supplier in New Delhi. People still prefer to buy milk from Local suppliers who brings in the milk from sub urban areas where they have their cattle. It costs more Rs.29 & Rs 26 for full cream & toned milk.
    Below are some websites of milk suppliers for you to explore products, recipes, etc.

  18. A gallon of milk (1%) here in Maine, USA is $3.42 (USD)

  19. In Italy, a litre of full-fat, semi-skimmed or skimmed milk from a supermarket costs from 70 cents up to €1.60. Most is 100% Italian-produced milk but the very cheap milk comes from other European countries.
    Hope that helps your project :-)

  20. Hello from Shetland, the furthest north county in Scotland. It is about 100 islands up towards Norway and about 150 mls to the north of mainland Scotland.

    I buy my milk from local producers.

    Unfortunately a supermarket ships milk to Shetland and sells it more cheaply which means that dairy farmers sometimes dump milk. Some people are worried that they will cut production and then in the winter, when the storms sometimes stop the boat coming to Shetland, they won't be able to buy milk.

  21. Hello Room 8. I'm Drew, a science teacher from Ayrshire in Scotland. I heard about your project from N Winton near the top of your list.

    The milk in my house comes from the supermarket, before it gets there, I've no idea where it's been.

    It comes in 1 litre cartons at £3.47 for a box of 6.

    We buy ultra heat treated milk in our house. My wife has Crohn's disease, so she is sensitive to some of the microbes in milk which are left behind after pasteurisation. UHT milk tastes exactly the same as far as I can tell, and it keeps for ages in the cupboard before opening.

  22. Hello Room 8. I am Jennifer a student teacher from Glenrothes in Fife, Scotland. I also heard about your project from N. Winton as he is on my Twitter list.

    We buy our milk from a milkman who delivers 1.5litres on a Monday and 2litres on a Thursday. We pay £1.28 per litre, it is more expensive delivered.

    The dairy is called SunFresh and is based in Cupar, Fife approximately 14miles from our house.

    There are 4 people in our house: my husband, my 9 year old daughter, my 6 year old daughter and myself. I do not use a lot of milk personally but my girls use it every day for their cereal. They also have milk in school which costs 15pence per 250ml carton. This is paid termly.

    Here is a link to their school website.

    Good luck with your project.

    Best Wishes


  23. I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.