Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Melville Intermediate- Leo Club Trip to Auckland.

On Tuesday 16 of June the Leo Club went to Auckland to meet Sir Edmund Hillary Middle School Leo Club. When we got there we went to the music room. After we had something to eat the Leo Club went in to the gym the other school gave us Laes. When we sat down and they gave us such a good welcome after they finished the Leo club sang”I am yours”. After the Leo club had finished their song then other school sang us another song. When it was over the Sir Edmund Hillary Leo club showed us around. After we got shown around we went back into the gym. The school told us how they do their Leo club. When they were doing it we got to have some popcorn. When they finished we got some lunch. We had some sausages and a drink to go with it. After we had finished lunch we got back on the bus and then all the kids sat down laughing and talking. We had such a good time. We learnt that we could raise lots of money with different fund raises. By the time we got back to school it was 3:20pm so we could go straight home.

Report Written by Meighan, Room 8.

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