Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Melville Intermediate - Well Done Mr Lamsheds Class

Earlier this year as followers of this blog will know, we were watching closely the work of Mr Lamsheds Boys Class at Hackham East School in Adelaide, Australia. They had entered a Boys Haka in the Adelaide Arts Festival. We filmed two videos to help them out with their performance of the Haka and also gave them some tips. Just as they'd been waiting anxiously in Australia for news of whether they made the final performance (in front of 1,500 people no less!) so we were waiting at this end, well yesterday the letter arrived that they had been waiting for and they are successful in and performing on September 15th!

Everyone in Room 8 would like to give our warmest congratulations to Mr Lamshed and his Boys for their amazing efforts with this, and we will be wishing them all the best for September the 15th!

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