Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Melville Intermediate - Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci Trip (Rooms 12 & 5)

On Friday 19th June, Rooms 5 and 12 went to the Waikato Museum to see the Leonardo exhibition.

It was fantastic!!. There were models of Leonardo’s war machines, flight machines and many other things invented by him. Some of the war machines were gruesome, such as the reaper which was pulled by a horse and chopped people in half as it went. Leonardo also invented the first tank which had guns all round it. Later in life Leonardo said he hated war.
We learned that Leonardo was a ‘Polymath’ – that is, he was able to show his genius in many areas.

He was an architect, an artist, a mathematician and much more.

These are some of his inventions
· A parachute · The tank · Diving suit · A car · Hanglider

And all of this he did 500 years ago. When we were at the exhibition we were shown clips of Leonardo’s machines being made recently and put to the test. They all worked. The trip to Leonardo da Vinci’s machines was awesome, inspiring and very, very interesting.
Matthew (Room 12)


  1. We are from Dunedin and we were lucky enough to have the da Vinci exhibition in town last year. Room 12 and the rest of the senior team integrated this into an inquiry about the Middle Ages.We were amazed at how clever this man was! We also liked the fact that he was an artist, a scientist and a mathematician! Did you like the bridge to build? We thought that was quite tricky!

  2. What a great excursion! I saw a Leonardo da Vinci exhibition once when I was in France. He was a very interesting and clever man. You seem to have learned a lot from your visit.

  3. About 10 years ago I was in Amboise, France and visited the home in which da Vinci lived for the last 4 years of his life. This exhibit (or a very similar one) was on display in the lower part of the house. I remember being totally amazed to see models of the hundreds of inventions of da Vinci. And now you are having a chance to see it in New Zealand!

    Awesome (in the true meaning of that word)!

  4. @ Room 12 - Yes we really enjoyed it. We're also enjoying viewing your site/blog as it develops. Great work and keep it up.
    @ Pam Thompson - I think it really opened up the eyes of the students who went and viewed it in terms of the possibilities and to think that he did it 500 years ago is quite amazing.
    @ John Strange. Yes its amazing to think that its travelled the world and the students would have been very excited to see his house. Wonder if he had to do the dishes and put the rubbish out