Sunday, June 21, 2009

Melville Intermediate- Boys Rugby Recount 2

On Tuesday 16th June MIS went to Matamata to play rugby there. First we had to get into our jacket and shorts. We travelled in Liams car. It was me, William and Liam. We left on the road and the other Boys went in the others cars. When we got there the boys went into the changing sheds then we went back out and our first game was at 10:00am. Melville vs. Tokoroa Intermediate. The boys went onto the field to play. We played for ages and we had a draw with Tokoroa 5-5. The next game was at 11:00am against Cambridge Intermediate in the rain. It was a very hard game and the score was 12 to Cambrige and 0 to Melville. The third game was against Fairfield Intermediate. We had a good game against them but it was hard because we lost to them, 0-5. We had a final game against Morrinsville. After that we had a little feed then we walked back to the cars and we went back to Melville. When we got back we took off our jackets and waited for the bell to ring. When we went home I was happy to be at home because I got a shower to wash off all the mud then after that I had a feed and cleaned my boots. I had a little sleep and thats the end of my story.

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  1. Your rugby trip sounds really cool! How far away is Matamata from your school? Did you enjoy the car ride? It must be really fun to go far away to play rugby. Did you enjoy playing your games? We think you must be pretty good players. From Celia and Olivia in Room 10 at Grey Lynn School.