Saturday, June 6, 2009

Melville Intermediate - Counting in Maori

One of the biggest successes in 2009 in terms of Google Searches has been Arahia's Learn to Count in Maori series. We'd thought that now would be a good time to publish the final video and link them all together through one post. The lessons start off with counting from 1-10. The second video is counting from 11 to 99. Thirdly of course we have counting from 100 to 1000 (this is the video that's just been added and has been 'missing') and finally the fourth video in the series is focussing on the numbers from 1000 onwards. This series has been written, produced and filmed by the students themselves! Its using the culture of the students in a very positive way and improving and increasing the use of Te Reo Maori by people around the world.

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