Friday, January 18, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Elizabeths Activity Week Recount

Activity Week 2012
Out and About
Activity Week was on the 14th, 15th and 16th of November. There were 10 groups and they were all different. There was girls stuff, Out and About, Work Hard Play Harder, Maori arts and crafts and lots more that sounded really fun!
Day :
Day 1 was a BLAST! I had so much fun I couldn’t stop smiling! In first block, I made Cheese scones and Mrs. Patterson’s Magic Muffins. The muffins were DELICIOUS and the scones were SCRUMCIOUS. In second block a lovely lady called Runu, (who comes from Glenview Primary School) helped us to make these really pretty things that are made out of this play-dough type of stuff, but it isn’t play-dough because you can bake it. Runu also taught us to make flower burrats. For lunch we had made Pizza and it was SOOO yummy! In third block I made al 3 things that were meant to be made the next day! J They were my T-shirt, my garden tile and a box to put my Jewelry in.
Day ❷:
In the morning of Day 2, we started scrapbooking our Activity week books and they really started to look Awesome. J About an hour later we were on the bus and heading to some Art Galleries. For lunch that day we had McDonalds and I think that was my Favorite part because when we were eating at our table, Asinate walked away to get something and she left her coke at our table and suddenly the cleaning lady came along and took Asinate’s drink and put it in the bin and Asinate hadn’t of even had a sip yet!J It was Hysterical!
Day :
Day 3 was just as awesome as Day 1 and 2! The first thing we did was go to Waitakaruru Sculpture Park and looked at all their awesome sculptures. After that we had a 45 minute drive to Te Aroha where we went for a swim. My favorite part was the Spa Pool It was so warm and relaxing I was in there for about a quarter of the time!
My Overall comment was those 3 days were the most SCRUMCIOUS, YUMMY, FUN, FANTASTIC and AWESOME days ever!! JJJ 

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