Saturday, January 26, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Acitivity Week Recont Douglas

On Wednesday the 14th was the start of activity week. On Wednesday morning I first went to the science room so we can start the day. Wednesday morning I had amazing race. The 1st activity on amazing race was I had to go to the other side of the tech courts on stilts. For some reason I got the broken pair of stilts. The 2nd activity was we had to eat and swallow dried weetbix it was very hard to swallow. The 3rd activity of amazing race was we had to build a pyramid out of cards it was hard because I kept on blowing on it. And the last activity (bonus) was we had to walk across the tech courts as we are on news paper if we touched the ground with our feet we have to run back to the start. In the middle block I had to do some experiments. The first experiment was to pure in milk into a bowl and then put food coloring in and then get a ear bud then dip it into some dishwashing liquid then I had to put the ear bud into the center of the bowl and then it did some cool patterns. The 2nd experiment was we had to put mint into coke. It was very cool and yum. When we finished the experiment I got to drink the minty coke and get to eat the mint. The 3rd experiment was we had to make a traffic light made out of liquid. It was weird and fun and smelly it smelt like corn. In the after noon I went to the cooking room and made some hokey pokey it was super yum and I just figured out how to make hokey pokey.

On Thursday I went to my activity week class and we first had free time we went to the computer lab and I was allowed to played games or watched funny videos. In the middle block I made salt dough (play dough) and my salt dough was a pizza. It felt icky and sticky and it was fun making a pizza. First I mad the base of the pizza then I made the pepperoni, mushroom and the bacon strips. In the afternoon we went to the pools and it was very fun and wet.

On Friday morning we had to make a yummy breakfast. Before we made the breakfast we had to go to the art room and get our salt dough. When we got the salt dough we went to the cooking room and put the salt dough in the oven and wait for it to heat up. The food we got was 2 sausages 2 hash browns 1 small egg and a half a can of spaghetti it was super duper yum. In the middle block we got our salt dough and it was very hard then we started to paint it. I painted my pizza base yellowy red my bacon strips was pink my mushroom was light gray and my pepperoni was red. After a while the paint dried when the lunch bell rang. In the afternoon we had a movie and it was diary of a wimp kid.         

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