Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Room 5 2013


  1. Kia Ora Mr Webb and Room 5!

    Thank you for the comments you have been posting on our blog!

    The class will learn how to write comments on blogs very soon and your site will be the first they'll comment on.

    I have started an after school club which means the I could possibly skype your class or even talk to the students. Hopefully we can organize that and schedule a time. I met every Thursdays which would make it your Friday morning?

    Let us know if it will work.

    Great to see all the cool stuff happening in your class and school!

    From Miss Lologa and the Kapai Kiwis
    North Carolina, USA

  2. Mr Webb,

    Are you able to skype with some of my students your Friday morning around 8:45 on February 22nd? It will be around 2:45pm for us. I will get my students to organise and plan their questions to ask your students.

    Miss Lologa