Thursday, January 24, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Activity Week Sarah 2012

 Our final written task of 2012 was for students to complete recounts about school activity week and the highlights of the year.  This is an activity week recount written by Sarah from room Five.

On Wednesday the 14th of November our school had activity week. I was in Wax Water Wings with my friends Gemma and Kylie. It was called Wax Water Wings because Wax was candle making, Water was swimming and Wings was kite flying but we didn’t do it.
On the first day, we came to school in mufti which was good. We made some candles out of bees wax and wick. Wick is the string thing that goes inside the candle so it can be lit. The candles smelt like honey so that was good, after lunch we went to Gallagher pools where we got to swim and have free time. I liked swimming, and it was a really quick walk. 

It was really fun on that day because we got to play at school so we could play by the music room. On the second day we got to swim for most of that day so that was really awesome. We still made candles and played. At the pools Kylie, Gemma and I were swimming around having so much fun it was really cool.

 On the last day it was my birthday so that was cool it was like I was having a birthday party at the pools. When we were at the pools we were in the changing rooms and we saw something really gross so we all screamed and we got in big trouble, so that was bad. It was still a really awesome activity and I really enjoyed it. When it was the end of the day we got to take home some wick and a big sheet of wax which was cool. At home I still make lots of candles and I used some for my birthday candles. It was really fun and I would like to do it again!!

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