Sunday, December 4, 2011

Melville Intermediate - Melville Survivor Recap.

For the past term the students of Melville Intermediate have had a class representative each in a weekly competition that's a homage to the TV Show Survivor. Its coming into the second to last week of competition. In the first episode the Y7 students worked as a team in the rope challenge, defeating the Y8 team who decided to vote off Jeeta. This put the Y7 students on a roll who defeated the Y8s again in the following week with episode two: Frisbee Challenge where Bradley and Room 8 were eliminated, before defeated them again with the dice throwing in episode three where Keegan and Room 5 went out. All the challenges had been close, it appeared that Lee was masterminding the Y7 team, it was surprising then in episode four when the Y8's finally won that Lee and Room Two were voted out, followed by Rangi and Room Six. in episode five. Things are very evenly balanced with a 4:3 situation and one more challenge before the teams combine. This week there's a hectic schedule - four eliminations over five days!

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