Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Melville Intermediate - Edublogs Awards Nominations 2011

We were very pleased to find ourselves last week nominated again for the Edublog Awards - for best use of video.   This is a fantastic award, with some great nominations, and some very esteemed company for our students to be keeping.  The awards voting is open at present, although it closes shortly - we'd certainly encourage you to go and have a look at all the nominee's, not just in our category but also in some of the others where some of our online friends have been nominated.. so make sure you check it out and vote!


  1. Our Congratulations! Your blog really deserves this award.

  2. Our congratulations! Your blog really deserves it!

  3. Hi its Callie. I noticed that you were nominated! Congrats. I have a couple gestions: Hom many kids go to your school, how many people live in New Zealand, and do you play hockey? Hockey is my favorite sport! You can reply on my E-mail: braunc1@wolfcreek.ab.ca