Monday, December 12, 2011

Melville Intermediate - R14 Ham East Blog Awards

This year one of the pages that we've been following closely has been the class page from Room 14 at Hamilton East Primary School. We've been watching them closely since they started and amazed with the progress that the students and teacher has made - including having nearly 2500 visitors to their class page in under a year, which is a huge achievement and being nominated for an Edublog Award for best class blog!

Recently the students had another wonderful learning experience, they're own class blog awards.  Another innovative and creative idea for the students and Room Eight was proud to be nominated in a number of categories, not only that we won in  Best Video, Quality Comments and Best Link, we were also a finalist in Best Class Blog and Most Helpful Class Blog.  Have a look at this wonderful link if you are not a fan of their work already. 

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