Thursday, December 22, 2011

Melville Intermediate - School Ball 2011 Part Three

Throughout the final term of the 2011 year the Y8 students at Melville Intermediate School were involved in learning a series of formal dances for the end of Y8 School Leavers Ball, this took place on the second to last week of school and was a opportunity for students to celebrate their two years at Melville Intermediate School.  On Thursday evening the night of the Ball, we had students arrive in all sorts of vehicles and transport to celebrate the year.  This footage is of the night.  For our international visitors a reminder that school in New Zealand has finished for the 2011 School Year and we will be returning in 2012 in the first week of February.


  1. Yes thanks for that, really looking forward to working with you next year and seeing the work that you and your students come up with. Happy Holidays. Mr Webb and Room Eight.

  2. Hi my name is Veronica and I am from Chilliwack, BC Canada. I'm writing today as part of our Quadblogging project. I really like you post it's really cool. So was this last years or this year? Did you guys practice this dance? In my family we do the same dance but different. This post is really nice to watch. Thanks Veronica.