Sunday, October 2, 2011

Melville Intermediate - Melville: Survivor Episode Two

This is our second week of classroom competition. The Y7 team won the first challenge last week, and the Y8 team decided to eliminate Jeeta from Room 14. This week the two teams met again in the second challenge - which you can view here.


  1. Hello Room 8 in Melville. Thank you for visiting our bog site in Lacombe,Canada. Also, thank you for your feedback on our balloon science video and DARE program we run. To answer your question, our DARE dog, Koda, is a chocolate lab.

    What a super Survivor video you posted. We loved the introduction, frisbee challenge and vote off at the end. The students seem to be having a lot of fun. We have linked your website to ours, so that we can follow your posts...and Survivor game. Take care.

    Mr. Rankin

  2. Mr Rankin
    The kids will really get a kick out of knowing that it was watched on the otherside of the world! Thanks for your feedback I will pass that onto the production team!

  3. Hello room8 in Melvllle thank you for skypeing room14 all of as liked it

    by makki in room14

  4. WOW! This is so cool. We loved watching the Survivor episodes. We especially liked the music. We are going to give your frisbee game a go because it looks like so much fun. We are looking forward to the next Survivor episode.
    Well done Year 7's. We wonder if the Year 8's will win the next challenge?
    Good luck to both teams.
    From Room 14