Monday, May 2, 2011

Melville Intermediate - School Camp 2011 Overview

Today students started back for Term Two for 2011. We have 11 weeks this term, students are still excited about School Camp at the end of last term. There are a variety of videos that have been uploaded during the holidays. You can view some of them by clicking on the links to view the Waterslide, click here, or students on the Rope Swing, students making Pancakes, Abseiling, Team Challenge or the three hour Bush Bash. Students are currently writing recounts for all activities and these will be posted with each of the videos as they are completed and published.  You can also view footage of students on the infamous 'Blob' and also some very special footage of Mrs Basset, one of our Y8 teachers who challenged a student to abseil which then compelled her to compete the Rope Swing! It was a fantastic experience for our students at Finlay Park and the students had a wonderful experience.


  1. Hi Shannon and Room 8
    Welcome back from your break. I hope you all had lots of fun!!

    Thanks for visiting our blog and leaving a comment. You said that you are not very good at pulling funny faces but I am sure that's not true. We had lots of fun pulling funny faces and telling jokes. It was such a giggle!

    I look forward to reading you recounts about all the fantastic events you and your class took part in before term 2 break.

    Miss Docherty and The Brilliant Bloggers

  2. sounds funtastic by mitchell

  3. sounds blobtastic

  4. IT must of been a fun camp if you hat so much to talk about and I can't what to read your stores.

  5. It sounds like alot of fun!