Thursday, May 12, 2011

Melville Intermediate - Hamish's recount about Day 1 of Camp

As the car slowed to a halt I looked up and there was the Camp in all its glory! We got out and walked to the concrete area that the teachers told us top meet everyone at.  Everyone else was already there.  I sat down in my group as soon as we could.  We went to our cabins and set up our beds.  The first activity was water games! First we did the giant puzzle.  Each line had to connect together.  The second thing we did was to get bits of pipe and hold them steady against each other.  Water had to flow from one end to another end and into a bucket.  For that we got 150 points.  The next was really hard.  There was a barrel full of holes, we had to plug the holes.  For that we got 150 points.  Any way the final challenge was to make a chant and to compete against the other classrooms.  After all the competitions our class came fourth. 


  1. That was a really descriptive story! I could just feel how fun It was at your camp! But I bet was sad when you came fourth! But Even though you didn't come first It's still cool to come fourth!

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  2. Hi Hamish,

    We are a Year ^ class from Grey Lynn School in Auckland and we REALLY enjoyed reading your recount about camp, we could picture it in our minds! We are going on camp in just under three weeks. We are going to Camp Bentzon on Kawau Island and we can hardly wait!

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