Friday, April 15, 2011

Melville Intermediate - The Rope Swing

On the 14th of April 2011 most of the year 8's participated in a lot of the water activities that Finlay park had to offer. one of the activities was the rope swing. it was a rush of fear and excitement all at the same time. while watching this video you will be able to see the excitement and the fear on all of our faces. Thomas and Otis were being dare devils and started to show off and back flipped off the tire swing and all of us girls were just dropping off in Tyre most  funniest positions.

 Overall we had the best time. everyone will keep Finlay park as one of the greatest time of their lives.

Ropeswing 2011 from myles webb on Vimeo.


  1. Hi,
    We are going on Easter holiday from today of.
    Do you have any other kind of vacation in the Easter?

    From Pernille j & Mads. DK

  2. Hi it's Magnus Schou from Denmark.
    The video looks very nice. And I think that you are very good at rope swinging there.

    I would like to tell you guys a little bit about Easter in Denmark. Here in Denmark we are celebraiting Easter and we get a week holiday. The holiday is very nice I think. Some other things we are doing in the Easter is eating Easter lunch with our family and friends. We get a lot of fish, bread and meat.

    Greetings from Magnus Schou.

  3. Hi, It looks very fun.
    Where is it?
    Do you do it in yor spare time or school time?
    We are going to an Easter holiday now. We have holiday one week.
    Anders DK

  4. That looks like so much fun! How often do you get to go on camp? In England, you would normally only go away on an outward bounds course once in Primary school, usually when you are 10 or 11. It isn't normally hot enough to do that kind of stuff, but we do canoing or kayaking, rafting etc but with wetsuits on! (Even in summer!) Do you go on any other kind of trips?
    I like your abseiling too - it reminds me of 'Cliffhanger' by Jacqueline Wilson, which we read in our class this term. Enjoy your holidays!