Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Melville Intermediate - Class Challenge at Camp

On the first day of Y8 Camp the Challenge was for the five Y8 classrooms at Melville Intermediate School to compete against each other in a variety of challenges involving water. When that was completed the classrooms had a cheer each, which was followed by the final classroom challenge. Students had to take a container of water have it delivered from the Swimming Pool, onto a Rickshaw, pass it onto another student who was being held on a stretcher, and then finally pass it onto the last group of students who had a pole and had to deliver it to the final container. If it sounds complex it doesn't matter because it was a whole lot of fun and one of the activities that the students really enjoyed. Room Eight managed to come Runners Up in this activity. Congratulations are due to our friends in Room Five who emerged victorious in the competition! Filmed on the last week of Term One at Finlay Park Adventure Camp, Karapiro, Waikato on Monday 11th April 2011.

Team Building 2011 Camp from myles webb on Vimeo.


  1. Hi Mr. Webb and class,
    This challenge looked like it was lots of fun. It was great because teams needed to work together. What a nice way to end your term. Hope you are having nice holidays.
    Mrs. Lynch in Quebec

  2. Mrs Lynch - yes it was a good way to end the term, but our holidays are almost over, they finish tomorrow and then its back to school! Can't believe its so soon, two weeks have just gone!

  3. Hi.
    We will be happy to do another movie....
    Where we will show some ohter rules (It will on the blog soon) And the real lenght in the pitch and the big goal and a real sized ball....
    We also have street handball a new Danish game, you can play it outside, and you don't need a real goal, you can find a wall and use it like a goal, we use it like a game you can play in your sparetime in the garden, when you don´t have a hall. It's a speciel soft ball, and you can't dribble with it. It's a very popular game.:)
    Here is the webside of street handball it's on English and this you can use if you want to play it at home but in school we prefer the real handball in school but home street handball is fun so go in and look at the webside...:D

    -Maria, Annebel & Louise Vonsild, DK.=)

  4. @ Louise DK,
    Thanks for the link I will pass it onto the Boys who are looking at Handball in our class and we will get back to you next week when we are back from holidays! Thanks for the link!