Thursday, August 27, 2009

Melville Intermediate - Y8 Prep

Yesterday the Y8 students had their 'Prep' market day. There were 50 stalls from the students selling all variety of products - we've taken a huge amount of footage that will be going online later today. Students were raising the money for the Y8 trip at the end of the year. The Y7 students spent over $800 on products for the very successful day.

This is Scott's recount on the day:
'Today was prep, prep is a day for the Y8's to sell stuff and make a lot of money for the school. There was a lot of stuff that you could buy. The thing is that I brought was sherbert - it was pretty nice but not nice enough! The MISM's were a good idea - what they were is fake money. There were 50 stores in the school. Some were fizzy drinks and some were games and lollies - everyone was really excited. I was to, also my friends. There was a really hard one, you had to throw a water balloon into a basketball hoop. Also there was a game, there was a boy that got water balloons thrown at him. One person who was throwing the ballons at the boy was a teacher! Mr Day!'


  1. Awsome Melville Intermediate! we can't wait to look at all your footage. It already sounds like it was a very successful day.
    We look forward to finding out more.
    Miss F and Rm 10
    Morrinsville Intermediate School

  2. Sounds like a great day! I'm looking forward to seeing more footage when you post it. We're having "Fair Day" next Friday but it isn't really as it only goes for about 1 1/2 hours! We will have lots of stall too - some for games & some for food.

  3. @ Miss F - the students did indeed love it, and it was a really worthwhile experience.
    @ Pam Thompson - the two events sound quite similar. Our total time at events was about the same as yours and the students really enjoyed the experience, can't wait to see your footage of the event!